A: It’s simple. First, select your props from our huge selection of hats, masks, and accessories. Then check yourself out in front of our color touch-screen monitor. Next, strike a few poses in front of our camera and pick up your pictures outside of the booth.​
A: Unlike the old fashioned photobooths, our photobooths are spacious and can fit up to 8 people.​
A: Once all photos are taken, the photo strips dispense into the collection tray within eight to twelve seconds!​
A: You’ll receive all full resolution photos on a USB Thumb Drive at the end of the event. Additionally, you and your guests will be able to obtain digital copies for FREE by visiting a password protected link on our web page.​

A: We’ll brand and layout your photo strips anyway you like. Photo-strips are fully customizable to your liking.​
A: Yep! We just need a power source and our photobooth needs to sit on a flat, hard surface.​
A: You will receive unlimited photos during your full photo booth rental time, so feel free to snap the night away with fun-filled memories!​
A: The photo booth requires a standard 120V AC power outlet and we’ll bring our own extension cord.​
A: Yes! There will be at least one full-time attendant to assist guests and to make sure the booth operates properly throughout your event.​
A: Within three business days of your event all of the photo booth pictures will be posted on our password protected website photo gallery.​
A: It’s a major attraction for guests because it’s fun! and Photographers and videographers have a tendency to focus on the couple and close family. The booth will give every single one of your guests a chance to have a private moment with you!​
A: There is no extra charge. For example, if you have a four hour event that lasts from 8pm to Midnight, the booth will be set up and ready to go at 8pm and we will begin tear down at Midnight.​

A: We currently serve all cities within Orange County, CA.​
A: We book one event per day per equipment—so the earlier you book, the better!​
A: We require a $200.00 deposit and a signed contract to reserve the booth. The remaining balance is due approximately 21 days before the event.​
A: Call us at (949) 436-8695, or fill out the form in the Contact Us tab to confirm availability. If your date is still available, we’ll email you a rental agreement, along with deposit instructions.​

Interested in booking your event?! Contact us for pricing!

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