Clients ask me all the time if they can provide their own backdrop when they rent a photo booth and the answer is absolutely YES!  They then proceed to ask for ideas on what type of DIY backdrop would work best for their event.  Now THAT question can be a little bit harder for me to answer as the possibilities are endless and depending on your taste, it can be really easy to put something together or it can also be tough.

Here are five DIY backdrop ideas that won’t break the bank and can be put together with relative ease next time you rent a photo booth.

DIY Backdrop

Ribbon Backdrop

diy backdrop

Custom Ribbon Backdrop from

Let’s face it, ribbons aren’t just great, they’re super fantastically awesome!  Why?  First, they’re easy to get, can be relatively inexpensive, and they can set the mood for any type of event.  White & ivory ribbons are great for vintage themed weddings.  Bright colors such as blue, red, and green are great for kids birthday parties.  Black & white ribbons if you’re doing something elegant like a black tie event.

As you can see from the picture above, we’ve used this type of backdrop with great success.   It took two people 10 minutes to set this backdrop up (although the ribbons were already pre-cut).  Basically, used a plain white backdrop then we tied the ribbons to our backdrop stand and we were all set!

Looking for inspiration?  Check out this blog post: ribbon diy backdrop.

Fabric Backdrop

Something similar to ribbons is using fabric.  The benefits are also similar as this method can be inexpensive, the materials are easy to get, and using different colors can set the mood.

Here’s a great blog post on how you can easily create this DIY backdrop: fabric backdrop.

Paper & Glue Backdrop

paper glue backdrop

Image courtesy of

I ran across this custom backdrop and I loved it!  Not only was this fitting for this events theme (60’s Mad Men party) but you can use it for so many different types of events.  I really love the fact that this type of backdrop looks so clean and unique.  I mean, when was the last time you were at a party and saw a backdrop like this?

For complete DIY instructions on how to create this backdrop check out this post: paper and glue backdrop.

Balloons & Streamers Backdrop

Another easy DIY photo booth backdrop idea would be using balloons & streamers.  A post on shows great usage of using balloons and streamers as a backdrop.  Remember not to fill your balloons with helium!

You can check out more pics here ballons and streamer backdrop.

Liquid Filled Jars Backdrop

liquid filled jars diy backdrop

Image courtesy of de la Barra Photography

This is one of my favorite DIY backdrops.  The idea is to take jars and fill them with liquid then line them up on a shelf to use as a backdrop.  The color of the liquid you use can set the tone of your event.  Fruit punch to give it a strong red, grape juice to imitate wine, or just plain water for a cleaner look.  Instructions can be found here: liquid filled jars backdrop.

As you can see, creating your own backdrop can be a breeze and inexpensive.  So the next time you rent a photo booth, don’t be afraid to get creative by making your own backdrop!

Paper and Glue DIY backdrop image courtesy of OhhHappyDay

Liquid Filled Jars DIY backdrop image by de la Barra Photography