Our Photo Booth Props

Great customer service, interaction, and technology is important to us but having great props makes the photo booth experience so much more awesome! That’s why we take pride in only bringing only our best props to your next event. All of our packages include our famous Big Box of Props so you don’t have to worry about buying your own props (unless you want to) and it’s at no additional cost to you.

All of our packages includes a Big Box of Props at no additional cost.

photo booth props

Image courtesy of HappyFotos

Here’s a short list of what’s usually inside our Big Box of Props:

  • Feather boa’s
  • Mustache’s and lips on a stick
  • Variety of glasses
  • Super hero masks
  • Variety of hats
  • Cool signs
  • Picture frame
  • Horse head mask
  • Microphone
  • much much more!

Whisker Works Mustaches

photo booth props

Whisker Works mustaches

We’re proud to carry photo booth props by Whisker Works. If you’re not familiar with Whisker Works, these guys are the leader in crafting high quality, durable, and realistic looking mustaches on a stick. Their mustaches on a stick are crafted in clay from hand made molds allowing us to easily clean them which means less yuckiness for you.

Instaphotoprops Custom Signs

photo booth props

Custom Photo Booth Signs

Our custom photo booth prop signs are designed by instaphotoprops are awesome. Not only are they funny but they’re specially designed to look great in photos. All of our prop boxes are loaded with these signs.

Event Appropriate Photo Booth Props

We carry a huge assortment of photo booth props and we understand that not every event will be the same. Our Event Consultants will identify the appropriate props for your event. We carry photo booth props for every occasion such as:

  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Birthdays
  • Baby Showers
  • Proms
  • Corporate Events
  • Holiday Parties
  • House Parties
  • Religious Events

Custom Props

We understand that your special event is important and you want to get everything to be perfect! If you’re in need of a custom prop for your event, we can help! Looking for a powder blue sailors cap to celebrate a boy baby shower? We have you covered! Looking for a custom sign with your corporate logo printed on it? We can get it! Remember to discuss your custom prop requirement with your Event Consultant (additional costs may apply).

No Paper Photo Booth Props!

News flash! We don’t like photo booth props made solely out of paper. Why? Because they look cheap in person and they look cheap in photos. We also believe in sanitizing our props throughout the events and no matter how hard you try, you can’t sanitize paper props, they just end up getting torn up! We’re firm believers in spending the extra money to buy quality props to make your event successful.

Some may say we’re nuts about props but we just like to have fun and having good props can contribute to A LOT of fun! If you have any questions regarding our photo booth props and/or have questions regarding our photo booths,don’t hesitate to contact us using our contacts page or by giving us a call.

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